Am I Eligible?

RIDES provides non-emergency transportation services for older adults and people with disabilities who reside in Harris County that are unable to access METRO services or have no alternate transportation. To qualify under older adult or people with disabilities qualifications, you must reside within Harris County and meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • 65+ years of age (proof of age required);
  • people with disabilities (proof of disability required: SSI Award letter or certification letter from your physician)

To use the RIDES service, you must be registered as an eligible customer either directly with the program or with a sponsoring agency. If you are registered with an agency, please contact the agency for specific information
about registration requirements.

Once you are registered, you are eligible to load funds that may be used with any of the designated transportation providers.

Register for RIDES Here. Or, call 713-368-RIDE (7433) to schedule an appointment to apply in person at our offices.