Mobility Management

The RIDES program implemented the concept of mobility management in 2008. Harris County Rides offers mobility management for all clients. Our goal is to get clients where they want to go when they want to go. Clients are educated how to mix all available resources to meet their transportation needs to remain independent. Mobility Management ensures program guidelines are understood. This value added service provides clients with first time reservation planning, as well as assistance with scheduling pickups, drop offs, and communication with their selected providers. Our services offer customized transportation solutions and real time online transportation services monitoring.


RIDES has multi-agency partnerships that reduce costs through efficient and effective coordination. Through mobility management we refer and match customers to these partner agencies who may provide the co-pay of sponsored client’s trips. RIDES gathers pertinent information to refer customers to the agency whose criteria best fits their needs.


Mobility Links is a user-friendly resource for residents searching for transportation services within their communities and beyond. The One Call-One Click system allows those in need of transportation the option to make one call and connect with a Mobility Manager for complete travel coordination, or one click to utilize the online interactive search tool for a list of transportation service providers within the Houston-Galveston region.

By offering residents direct access to Mobility Managers and information for transportation service providers, Mobility Links makes it easy for veterans, seniors, persons with disabilities to find travel options that keep them active and independent within their communities . For more information or to connect with a Mobility Coordinator, call 713-368-7433 and click option 2 for Mobility Links. To utilize the free  online search tool, visit


RIDES also offers a Transition program that provides transportation, education and support to local Public Independent School District’s Transportation Coordinators and their families. RIDES supports Transition Coordinators in identifying transportation options to enhance the success of each student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Many IEP’s identify work programs and training centers to prepare students as they transition out of public school systems. RIDES, in conjunction with the Transition Coordinator, identifies the best resources and transportation solutions for each student.