Terms You Need to Know

Pick-up Window

Pick-up window is the timeframe when your ride should arrive and be considered on-time.


A No-Show occurs when you fail to board the vehicle within 5 minutes after it arrives within the pick-up window. Trips that are not canceled at least 2 hours before your scheduled time will be considered Same-Day Cancellations. Same-Day Cancellations are counted as No-Shows. If you No-Show your trip going home, please call the transportation provider to reschedule your trip. You will be scheduled on the next available vehicle. 

An appeal hearing may be requested for any suspension. Penalty progression starts new each calendar year.

Late Cancellation

A Late Cancellation occurs when you cancel a scheduled trip between 5:00 PM the day prior to the trip and up to two hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

On-Board Travel Time

Under normal operating conditions, you should not be onboard the shared ride vehicle for more than 90 minutes. Taxicabs provide direct service to your destination.

Advanced Reservation

Non-metered providers require advance notice to reserve a ride. Non-metered providers also use ride-sharing with other passengers. (See Service Guidelines.)