About Us

Award-Winning Program

  • The Harris County RIDES program won the 2005 County Best Practice Award for "Outstanding Achievement" from the Association of Counties Leadership Foundation. 
  • Harris County RIDES Program was awarded the 2019 Houston-Galveston Area Council "Our Great Region 2040 Connection Award."


Customer Testimonials From 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • I am so grateful for this service. Thanks!
  • It’s so nice to have a dependable ride.
  • Thank you for the kindness from everyone at RIDES. Especially to the drivers they are wonderful with me, I had surgery on my eye and they help me very nice. Thanks again to all of you!
  • RIDES are always on time and they call to let me know the arrival time prior to my appointment. Thank you!
  • Very pleased with RIDES services.
  • I am very thankful for this program.
  • I am overall very pleased with everything about RIDES transportation service.