Frequently Asked Questions

May I use my wheelchair or scooter?
Wheelchairs that meet the ADA standard are permitted onboard the vehicle. Please inform the reservation agent of your wheelchair or scooter use so an accessible vehicle may be sent to pick you up. The maximum lift capacity is 660 pounds, including the person in the wheelchair, and the maximum dimensions are 48 inches long and 30 inches wide.
May I travel with a companion?
You may travel with one companion when selecting a non-metered transportation provider. A companion is an adult 18 years or older. If you will be traveling with a companion, please advise the transportation provider of this need when you make your reservation. Taxi service allows four passengers (including you) to ride for the price of one passenger, providing it is the same pick-up address and same destination.
Is accessible service available?
All passengers must wear seat belts when using wheelchairs or similar equipment and must adhere to securement requirements, which includes facing forward.  Failure to do so may result in the trip being cancelled, and the trip charged as a No Show.
Is passenger assistance available?
Drivers may assist you in and out of the vehicle and assist you with some small packages weighing less than 20 pounds. A reasonable level of assistance will be provided to each passenger.
Are portable oxygen tanks permitted?
Portable oxygen tanks are permitted onboard. You must have full control of the tank, or be traveling with someone who can assist you.
Are service animals permitted?
Service animals that assist a customer with a major life activity are permitted on board. Please inform the reservation agent that you will be using a service animal when you make your reservation.
Are pets permitted?
Pets are not permitted to be transported.
Are safety belts required?
For your safety, you are required to wear a seatbelt while onboard vehicles.
Is service affected during inclement weather?
During inclement weather, there may be times when the RIDES program is not operating on a normal schedule. Contact the selected transportation service provider for current information on service-affecting weather conditions.
Do Harris County RIDES offer refunds?

Refunds can ONLY be honored to a clients estate upon passing.  Family members should contact the RIDES program office for further instructions.


Harris County RIDES - Monday through Friday - 8:00am-5:00pm - 713-368-RIDE (7433)