RIDES Electronic Card E-Card Frequently Asked Questions

When did the fare card go into effect?
The RIDES E-CARD replaced paper tickets Oct. 1, 2011.
How do I receive my card?
If you are actively enrolled with an agency: your new RIDES E-CARD will be mailed to your agency and your agency will mail it to your home address once money is loaded on your card; If you are enrolled directly with RIDES: when you send your money order or cashier’s check to purchase transportation services you will receive the RIDES E-CARD in the mail with the funds you submitted loaded on the card; If you are a NEW client; call the RIDES office at 713-368-RIDE (7433) for enrollment information.
Once I have my RIDES E-CARD, how do I add money (value) to my card?
If you are registered with an agency, the agency will add funds to your card; if you are not sponsored by an agency, you may send a cashier’s check or money order to the RIDES office at 8410 Lantern Point Drive, Houston, 77054. Your value will be loaded within 24 hours of receipt of the funds. Please allow at least 24 hours before your trip date. You may also add value to your card online in your "RIDES card members portal." Please allow 2-3 business days to process. Call for more information.
How will I know my balance on my card?

Call our office between the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Call 1-877-250-2640 TOLL FREE 

Online - by visiting the RIDES site. Click on the picture of the fare card and it will take you to the site to register your card. 

How much value can I put on my RIDES E-CARD?
The minimum amount is $6.00 and can be used to pay your fare with all participating RIDES transportation providers.
Can I use my card at retail stores?
No, the RIDES fare card may only be used with RIDES transportation providers.
How do I use my RIDES E-CARD?
Present your card to the driver to scan your QR code when you board and exit the vehicle. 
The first scan will display your value on the card to verify you have enough funds for the trip fare. The second scan  swipe at the end of the trip will deduct the fare amount from your card and register your balance.
How much does the card cost?
The first card issued will be at no charge to the client.  Replacement cards will cost $5.00 each.  This amount will be deducted from the cashier’s check or money order you send in so please allow for the extra $5.00 fee.
What do I do if I need replacement card?
If you need a card replaced for any reason report it immediately to RIDES at 713-368-RIDE (7433) or you may log on to your RIDES E-card account and request a replacement card.  Funds on the card can by transferred to a new card, and the old card will be de-activated.
Will my RIDES E-CARD expire?
The cards are re-usable and do not expire.
Will the value on my RIDES E-CARD expire?
Yes, just as RIDES tickets previously expired, the value on the E-CARD will also expire, this will not change. The Harris County RIDES subsidy given to customers is provided by grants. All grants have an expiration date so if the grant expires the value tied to your grant also expires and the funds can no longer be used. When the grant expires, the balance on the card will be returned to $0.00. Just as we notify clients about expiring tickets now, you will be continued to be notified.
Does my attendant or companion get a card?
No, your attendant or companion will not need a card.
Can I use my RIDES card on METRO OR METROLIFT?
No, these are two different systems.
What do I do if there is an equipment failure?
The drivers have an operations process to follow in the event of equipment failure.
What do I do if I have a problem with my card?
Contact RIDES at 713-368-RIDE (7433) or rides.harriscountytx.gov