How does it work?

Once you are approved and registered, you are eligible to load an electronic fare card to purchase travel service that may be used with any of the designated transportation providers. Fare cards are used for trip payments and are distributed by your sponsoring agency, or at the RIDES office. Fares are discounted at 50%. Please contact your sponsoring agency for detailed information on policies for travel.

For each $3.00 loaded on your card, you will receive $6.00 worth of transportation services. The fare required for a one-way trip is based on either mileage for a shared ride trip or the meter fare box if using a taxi. The maximum fare allowed for a one-way taxi trip is $48.00.

RIDES is a great option for people for whom public transporation is either unavailable or inaccessible - helping eligible residents make doctor's appointments, visit the grocery or otherwise just get around and remain independent.

Harris County Holidays

Harris County holidays can be found here. Taxi service is the only service available on these dates.